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[exo] drabble dump

title: drabbles i started to write during finals and just finished them now
pairing: Kyungsoo/Yifan, Baekhyun/Yifan, Baekhyun/Jongdae
word count: 1310w
rating: PG13
summary: three random drabbles, kinda uni-au but they dont have anything to do with each other
a/n: thanks for fueling me with fic feels sumii-chan, blows kisses
uni is very stressful, the second semester is near and i haven't actually /really/ written anything. but im working on a krisbaek fic and i hope i can add krisbaek to the list of 'long fics that nearly killed me' and finish this before the year ends. anyways. /pets your face slowly and disappears

“In big crowds, we tend to get separated and even though you’re tall, you’re scared you might lose me so here, you can hold my hand” –krisoo

“What are you doing?” Kyungsoo pulls Yifan back before he gets run over by another speeding taxi. Yifan turns to look at him, mortified. “Why are you not yourself today?” Kyungsoo whacks his arm and hands him his cup of coffee before he slides next to him, making sure his feet are a few inches well away from the road. Yifan could just be coffee deprived, or he’s finally gone bonkers after a two hour long math exam. Kyungsoo hopes it won’t cause permanent damage on his boyfriend.

“I thought you already went ahead,” Yifan says, drinking from the cup. Kyungsoo makes him lean down to fix his scarf; Yifan’s not going to catch a cold on Kyungsoo’s watch.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

They cross the street when the light changes, and with the amount of people trying to cross the street as well, Kyungsoo gets shoved away from Yifan. But before getting himself fully separated from the taller man, he lunges forward and grabs Yifan’s hand. Yifan looks at him, a hint of a smile tugging on his lips.

“Don’t get the wrong idea. I know you’re scared.”

Yifan hums softly as he lets Kyungsoo guide him safely across the street.

“I ordered pizza but the pizzaria got my order wrong, so now I’m screaming at my really cute pizza delivery guy because I’m angry and very hungry.” –krisbaek

It’s been ten minutes, and Baekhyun still thinks that pacing around the room will stop his stomach from grumbling any further. There’s a pile of projects on the desk will never get done unless he stuffs himself full. He considered running to the convenience store, but there was a brochure for pizza on his desk, and Baekhyun is but a slave to fast food.

When the doorbell finally rings, signalling the arrival of his food or maybe Chanyeol with more questions about the Biology exam coming up (Baekhyun hopes it’s the pizza or just Chanyeol with food). He opens the door in excitement, practically bouncing. The pizza guy grins amusedly down at him, and hands him his pizza.

“One pepperoni pizza with extra hot sauce and a sprinkle of broccoli!” He announces with a bright smile. Baekhyun stares at him for a while, trying to figure out where he’s seen that smile before. He squints at the name tag on his uniform. Yifan, it says. “Uhm. Excuse me, but you need to pay up.”

“Yes, okay.” He hands Yifan the money and proceeds to check his pizza. “Wait, did you say this thing has hot sauce?”

Yifan takes a look at the clipboard and breaks into another smile. “Yep! Extra hot just as you specified.”

“But I asked for no hot sauce. And why the hell does this thing have broccoli, are you trying to poison me? Oh my god, take this back.” Baekhyun shoves the box back to Yifan and scrolls through his phone. “Jesus, I ordered pepperoni pizza with extra barbeque sauce, not hot sauce. And where the hell did you get the broccoli? I didn’t even say anything close to broccoli. Who the fuck is in charge of taking orders? You need to hire a new one because obviously they’re incompetent as fuck. Barbeque sauce is fucking far from hot sauce. Barbeque has three fucking syllables, It’s good to know that hot sauce is now pronounced with three fucking syllables. Fucking hell.”

Yifan tries to say something but Baekhyun holds up his hand. “I want a refund. Wait, no. Never mind that. I fucking want to eat something right now. I need to fucking eat something right now or I’m going to fucking lose it. Fuck. Fuck. If my head starts aching in a while, I am going to sue you all.”

“Someone fucking feed me!” Baekhyun screams while messing his hair. He’s finally lost it. He vaguely regrets not eating dinner last night, and skipping on breakfast in lieu of cramming for his exams.

Yifan visibly panics when Baekhyun dramatically falls onto the floor. “Uh, sir. I could get you another pizza, I’m so sorry for this mix up.”

“Feed me,” Baekhyun moans from the floor. “I’m dying, fuck your pizza place, I’m never going to order there ever again, I’m dying.”

There are tears in Baekhyun’s eyes and a headache is starting to crawl at the back of his mind. Baekhyun lets himself be hauled upright by Yifan. “I’m so fucking hungry.”

Yifan hands him a plastic bag and when Baekhyun looks inside, there’s dozens of assorted bread. “What is this?”

Yifan smiles at him apologetically. “Please eat them for the time being. I really am sorry for the trouble. But please don’t stop ordering from the pizza place. I’ll talk to the manager about this and see if I could get you the right order. Oh, shit. Why are you crying? I’m so sorry.”

Baekhyun puts a hand on his face and there really are streaks of tears flowing. Fucking embarrassing. “I’m just really hungry, that’s all.” He munches on one of the bread, and Yifan watches him intently. “I’m sorry for shouting and cussing at your face. I just—“ he takes another bite. “I’m not myself when I’m hungry. Really not myself.”

He stands up and puts a hand out for Yifan to shake. “I’m Byun Baekhyun, by the way.”

“Wu Yifan. Are we good?”

“Throw in your number, and I might consider being a regular.”

“I thought you were getting killed, but it was just a spider.” –baekchen

The soft embrace of Jongdae’s new comforter felt like heaven. He’d just gotten home from another tiring late night study session at the library, and he sure as hell missed his bed. The apartment building is serenely quiet, his flatmates are probably still out. He doesn’t waste his time and starts to mutter the first few lines of his report to lull himself to sleep.

But before he could even finish mumbling ‘hyperthyroidism’, he hears a loud shriek outside his door. He thinks it’s just the bad nacho sauce he ate, but the shriek comes back, louder and more distinct. He hears a chair falling over and the first thought that comes into mind is that there’s an intruder in the apartment.

He jumps out of bed and grabs the first thing he can, slamming the door open. “Get out of here, stupid thief!”

Another shout comes from the kitchen this time, and it sounds like Baekhyun’s voice. “Baekhyun, are you okay?”

“Stupid question!” Baekhyun answers, and he sees the boy jump out of the kitchen. Jongdae slides his hand over the switch, illuminating the apartment.

Baekhyun sees him and runs towards him, the two of them crashing down on the floor. “Baekhyun, get off of me, we have to get rid of the god damn thief first!”

“Thief? What are you talking about—wait. Why are you holding that volumetric flask?”

“I’m about to whack a bitch that thinks he can just get in this house and steal our stuff.” Jongdae dusts himself off and stands back up. Baekhyun laughs behind him and he sends a meaningful glare. “It’s not funny when someone tries to add unnecessary commas to your fucking code, isn’t it, Baek?”

Baekhyun stops laughing, and pouts. “It was a spider.”


“I was getting a drink but then a spider crawled on my hand and I couldn’t get it off of me.”

“What.” Jongdae says. It’s not even a question directed to Baekhyun. It’s more of a question of why the fuck is he stuck with someone like him. “The fuck.”

“I’m so sorry,” Baekhyun looks down and doesn’t meet his stare.

“But, why did you glomp me like your life depended on it?”

Baekhyun still doesn’t look up, but he’s smiling softly, bashfully even, “It’s cold, and you’re warm.”

Jongdae turns around and heads back to his room. “We’re not friends. Go away.”

-thanks again sumii-chan for finding all these inspiration and letting me play with them even tho ure probs going to write them into yoonjin fics. lol
-losely based on people i've met and are friends with in uni rn lol.
-hi nicole. hope u never read this.

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