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hello! this is icharibachode's masterlist!

right now, gray and i are currently dead. fuq uni. but we're working on some fics and exchanges. also, the fic comm can be joined but posting is only limited to gray and me. uwu

comments are always appreciated <3 thank you, have a nice day!!!!


april fool's day is an excuse to be a dick
OT7 | PG13 | humor | almost 2K
maknae line has this great affinity for pissing their hyungs off. Peniel joins in. Hyunsik uses too many smileys. Eunkwang just wants to post a selca of himself peacefully. Minhyuk forgets that he’s not really Minstar. And Changsub… well Changsub just wants them to notice him.


no way back

baekhyun/chanyeol | g | 2266 words
If I wait for you If I keep longing for you… Maybe you’ll look at me once more.


jongin/kyungsoo | pg13 | 4854 words
Kim Jongin just might have a teeny-weeny crush on that wide-eyed guy next door. But the problem is… He doesn’t even know what the problem is.

strawberry chocolate

jongin/girl!kyungsoo | pg13 | 1671 words
Just like strawberry and chocolate—different but clearly a good mix..


jongin/girl!kyungsoo | pg13 | 3102 words
Kyungsoo’s little sister gives her a wristwatch, telling her that it would let her meet her soul mate. She didn’t believe in all of that. That is, until she met Jongin.

i fell in love (on a snowy day)

girl!baekhyun/chanyeol | pg13 | 2339 words

a cupcake for your thoughts

girl!jongdae/girl!junmyeon | pg13 | 4028 words
Junmyeon is thirsty for her bible studies leader and hopes for a happy ever after, instead she goes on a short road to preference discovery.

flightless angels and teasing stars

jongin/kris | pg13 | 2771 words
Kris smiles and promises better tomorrows for Kim Jongin, but never for himself.

love spelled backwards is ev(i)ol

baekhyun/chanyeol | r | 13,892 words
A memory buried six feet below the ground, a face that can only be recalled through dried up tears and choked sobs, a name spoken only in whispers; that was what he had become.

step-by-step tekken tutorials

luhan/minseok | pg13 | 4162 words
“Game console. Slightly used. Undamaged. 1000 won for the whole bundle, 300 won for the spare parts. Cannot be returned once bought.” The description says. Kyungsoo clicks the “buy” button anyway.

恋の予感 (koi no yokan)

chanyeol/minseok | pg13 | 1829 words
Kim Minseok is looking for the perfect kind of guy. He wasn’t expecting a hazardous human being that is even a danger to himself.

give love (to weird baristas who like staring at your butt)

luuhan/minseok | pg13 | 4239 words
Minseok doesn’t need to be a psychic to know that Luhan is weird and has a strong attraction for him.

gray's drabble junkyard

many | pg | 1354 words
GHEIS. GHEIS EVERYWHERE. (more mulan jokes)

a beginner's guide to deductive reasoning

baekhyun/chanyeol| pg13 | 1199 words
Baekhyun doesn't like losing,but what he doesn't like more is losing to Park Chanyeol.

in pace requiescat

jongin/kyungsoo, luhan/minseok, sehun/tao | R | 13,317 words
The best camping trips are worth dying for. Literally.

the unforgettable song

jongdae/minseok | pg13 | 1087 words
How can you sing when you can't even talk?

the statistical probability of falling in love

girl!baekhyun/kyungsoo | R | 8714 words
Kyungsoo believes that life follows a certain line of code: an array of numbers pre-arranged to keep things in order, a group of equations to settle things on the right track. But Baekhyun proves him otherwise, asking him a question that couldn’t be solved by any equation he knew.

table for two

jongdae/minseok | g | 1838 words
There’s this café wedged between a fast food chain and a book store that overlooks the park, where Minseok always sees a boy waiting for someone who will never come.

suhan drabbles

junmyeon/luhan | pg and pg13 | 1544 and 2966 words
#1 Junmyeon never complains because he loves Luhan that much.
#2 Luhan tries to fix things and put them back to the way they used to be, but that could never happen.

in a heart's beat

junmyeon/luhan | pg13 | 3020 words
Luhan records everything down in a notebook that is definitely not a journal.

期待外れ (kitai hazure) Nightmare

luhan/minseok | pg13 | 842 words
Encased in a dark realm, cold metal bars gripped by fragile fingers, and faint sobbing. Everything is set. Cue the hysteric wailing and we’re ready to go.

at the stroke of midnight

sehun/tao | pg13 | 2800 words
This story, just like all others, begins with a “once upon a time”. But the question is, will it end with a “and they lived happily ever after”?

hyper mornings

jongdae/minseok | pg13 | 656 words
Minseok loves Jongdae and they wrestle in the living room.

love is such a weird thing (and so are you)

baekhyun/chanyeol | pg13 | 9690 words
Rich kids weren’t supposed to be Baekhyun’s thing, and Chanyeol was always supposed to get whatever he wants. But rules are made to be broken, right?

festival dress

junmyeon/luhan | pg13 | 1104 words
"Just being with you is enough to calm a war raging within me.”

a gentleman's guide to love and death

jongin/kyungso | pg13 | 10,200 words
Kyungsoo doesn’t like answering questions. Jongin doesn’t ask anyway.

a writer's playlist

junmyeon/kyungsoo | pg | 2175 words
For someone who believes in fate, Kim Junmyeon doesn’t quite trust the way things work.


jongin/minseok | pg13 | 743 words
At the end of those pale fingertips, there’s melted chocolate.

corroding hearts

jongin/kyungsoo | R | 12,822 words
[apocalypse!au] The world is collapsing, but somehow Jongin falls in love within the chaos.


luhan/minseok | pg13 | 1723 words
In his world made of black, white, and gray, Luhan is the brightest hue and Minseok just can’t help but love him.

scribbled broken hearts

junmyeon/luhan | pg | 1380 words
There’s something—someone—missing, and Luhan likes to believe he’s always just there.

hani's ask.fm drabble dump #1

luhan/minseok, jongin/minseok, baekhyun/chanyeol | pg13 | 1631 words


baekhyun/kris | R | 7910 words
"You think you’re a flower, but you’re actually a whole meadow."

cold city light

baekhyun/kris | R | 3043 words
Baekhyun was Yifan’s best dongsaeng ever but all Baekhyun wanted to be was more than that.

in remnants of spring

luhan/minseok | R | 21,346 words
Luhan isn’t one to play Russian roulette with fate, but she takes her chances anyway. Maybe it’s because of the fact that she keeps finding herself falling in love for the same person more than once.


jongdae/minseok | nc-17| 1251 words
xiuchen porn what else could it be.

gray's ask.fm drabble dump #1

many | pg13 | 6429 words
kris/luhan, sehun/tao, jongdae/minseok, minseok/sehun, sehun/yixing, jongin/kyungsoo, jongdae/junmyeon, jongdae/kyungsoo, junmyeon/luhan, chanyeol/kyungsoo drabbles.


jongin/minseok | pg13 | 2632 words
Jongin only wanted to stay at home all day and play Super Mario, but someone just decided to mess up the packages and get some ice cream and sunny smiles involved in-between.

summer kisses

baekhyun/chanyeol | pg13 | 3585 words
In the small corner of the library, Baekhyun plays with the frayed edges of an old book. The scent of it permeating his nose as he recalls how much his misplaced hatred towards Song Qian made a little gap between him and Yifan and most importantly, Chanyeol.

désir ardent

jongin/kyungsoo | nc-17 | 4344 words
Jongin takes a week off from work and Kyungsoo tries to be a good little boy.

when daybreak comes

jongin/kyungsoo | pg13 | 6898 words
Jongin likes to think that Kyungsoo cares. Well maybe he does—a little too much.

on a rainy day

minseok/sehun| pg13 | 1076 words
On a rainy afternoon, Sehun bumps into someone from his past.

how many colors in a rainbow?

minseok/luhan | pg13 | 4890 words
About, eight million people in the world for one soul mate. The odds are stacked against him and Minseok just wants to love, wants to be loved back, and wants something bigger than colors.

hani's ask.fm drabble dump #2

many | pg13 | 3818 words
kim jong bros, baekhyun/chanyeol, jongdae/junmyeon, minseok/luhan drabbles

if you're with me (then everything's alright)

minseok/luhan | pg13 | 5000 words
Minseok is sleeping beauty and Luhan isn't close to being a prince. (sequel to grayscale)

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