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{exo} a different kind of falling (ii/ii)

title: a different kind of falling (ii/ii)
pairing: Luhan/Xiumin
word count: 11150w
rating: nc-17
summary: They fall in love, and fall apart, and try to go back where they were before the fallout.
warning: mediocre attempt at a porn scene

a/n: i forgot to add this in my previous note, but do try listening to this song, which help me set the mood for this fic uwu

{exo} a different kind of falling (i/ii)

title: a different kind of falling (i/ii)
pairing: Luhan/Xiumin
word count: 11150w
rating: nc-17
summary: They fall in love, and fall apart, and try to go back where they were before the fallout.
warning: mediocre attempt at a porn scene

a/n: wow, i haven't posted a fic in, what, 5...6 months?? this is amazing. also my first attempt at a partly nc-17 fic that is not horror/gore. holla

Minseok hears a loud ring—once, twice, and then a click.Collapse )
title: don't go bacon my heart (i couldn't if i fried)
pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
word count: 5231w
rating: nc-17/r-ish
summary:Chanyeol has been coming home late recently. It doesn’t help that Baekhyun’s experiencing a creative block.
a/n: written for the baecon&eggs exchange ;w; thanks for beta-ing gray <3

Jongdae sneers, an all knowing smirk plastered on his face. “Correction, you’re in need of a fucking.”Collapse )
did not get any of this beta-d. everything is nc-17 for smut and kinks. my ask.fm is open if u kno. you'd like a #2. lol. bye

title: nyc baekyeol porn
pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
word count: 382 words
warnings: window sex
where chanyeol and baekhyun do the do in new yorkCollapse )

title: mindless porn
pairing: Sehun/Minseok
word count: 394words
warnings: knifeplay (no blood)
mindless semi sexiu pornCollapse )

title: krisho angst (not really sex)sex
pairing: Kris/Junmyeon
word count: 947 words
warnings: mentions of infidelity
'I want to forget bad things happened. I want to just kiss you and forget'Collapse )

title: kinky in the bathroom
pairing: Junmyeon/Tao
word count: 650 words
warnings:bathroom sex
Tao wonders what fucking in a bathtub feels like. Junmyeon wonders too.Collapse )

title: eating out
pairing: Junmyeon/Jongdae
word count: 448words
warnings: face sitting
Read more...Collapse )

title: an angel's feather and an owl
pairing: Jongin/Minseok
word count: 1017 words
warnings:tattoo!kink, camming
It must be fate.Collapse )
title: if you're with me (then everything's alright)
pairing: Luhan/Xiumin
word count: 5000w
rating: pg13
summary: Minseok is sleeping beauty and Luhan isn't close to being a prince.
warnings (more like spoiler): [dont click me pls.]character death. dun dun DUN also, did not beta this.
a/n: this definitely isn't what i expected when i planned this out. it was supposed to be cliche like a k-drama, but nahh. a sequel to grayscale.

“Kiss me,” he whispers against Minseok’s lips. His body is cold, except the hand Minseok is holding; it’s burning, but Luhan doesn’t let go. “Under these stars, we’re in forever.”Collapse )

[exo] ask.fm drabble dump #2

title: au where jongin thinks jongdae turned into a cat
pairing: none
word count: 693 words
rating: g
a/n: for canadaphile

meowCollapse )

title: au where xiuhun tries to bake a cake
pairing: xiumin/sehun
word count: 340 words
rating: pg-13
a/n: for xiukisses

cake cake cake!!Collapse )

title: introducing me
pairing: baekhyun/chanyeol
word count: 621 words
rating: pg-13
a/n: for nana on ask.fm ♡ inspired by this.

cheesy baekyeolCollapse )

title: detective!au-ish
pairing: suho/chen
word count: 677 words
rating: pg-13
a/n: for ask.fm anon ♡

suchen!!!!Collapse )

title: willow
pairing: xiumin/luhan
word count: 457 words
rating: pg-13
a/n: for ask.fm anon ♡

xiuhan!!!Collapse )

title: old suchen
pairing: broken!suho/chen
word count: 627 words
rating: pg-13
a/n: for nachtegael

another suchen!!!!Collapse )

title: xiuhan divorce!au
pairing: broken!minseok/luhan
word count: 403 words
rating: pg-13
a/n: for ask.fm anon
(this is a mess im sorry).

xiuhan divorce!auCollapse )

[exo] how many colors in a rainbow?

title: How Many Colors In A Rainbow?
pairing: Luhan/Xiumin
word count: 4890w
rating: pg13
summary: About, eight million people in the world for one soul mate. The odds are stacked against him and Minseok just wants to love, wants to be loved back, and wants something bigger than colors.
a/n: oh gosh this is so augh. i am sorry, i needed to get this out of my system before i write other things. a prequel to grayscale
bcs why not??? happy valentine's day, everyone!

how many colors in a rainbowCollapse )

[exo] on a rainy day

title: on a rainy day
pairing/s: minseok/sehun
rating: g
word count: 1076 words
summary: On a rainy afternoon, Sehun bumps into someone from his past.
A/N: this is for xiukisses. jenn this is all I can do, I hope you like it.

on a rainy day Collapse )

{exo} When Daybreak Comes

title: When Daybreak Comes
pairing(s): Kai/D.O., side! Sehun/Tao
rating: PG-13
word count: 6898
summary: Jongin likes to think that Kyungsoo cares. Well maybe he does—a little too much.
warnings: possible character death

a/n: originally written for 3daysofkaisoo. i will try to finish writing all of my other pending fics bcs i have noticed that our fic comm is starting to drown in cobwebs from being left untouched for almost a whole month ;;o;;

The war was inevitable, but so was falling for Kyungsoo.Collapse )

[exo] désir ardent

title: désir ardent
pairing/s: jongin/kyungsoo
rating: nc-17
warnings: [pls read if you&apos;re squeamish!]daddy!kink, age!play, rimming, orgasm denial(?), usage of toys, super awkward baby talk
word count: 4344 words
summary: Jongin takes a week off from work and Kyungsoo tries to be a good little boy.
A/N: originally for 3daysofkaisoo.
i finally wrote daddy kink FINALLY. next goal is to stop including tears. gdi.

désir ardent Collapse )


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